Black Like Love

Black girl standing there looking so down and blue
Red with anticipation
Sick with grief
Every other word a broken melody of some fool’s promises
Frozen with remnants of a faded smile
Those stricken glistening eyes hiding the depth of your cries
The lies you’ve convinced yourself
I know
You’re not ok
You’re not fine
Too afraid to say love is what you’re seeking because it’s always been so far away
Snatched by perfect pitch lines and lullabies
Every time that would be the last that never was
So now you rock cold
Suited up and ready for war cause only fools fall in love
And every other word professing the many nobody’s you don’t need
Settling to feed your flesh because the soul requires too much trust
Comforting yourself with the superficial attention of those you know mean you no well
I see you
Nervous but so ready
“A rose of Sharon, a lily of the valleys”
“Arise, my love and come away with me”
Let me show you slow and steady’
I’ll kiss away the venom others left
Bathe your insecurities in my love and I’ll paint you in golden hues of my nectar
Baby, let me hold you
Return your stolen tears
Whisper blissful truths that make you grin again
Blissful moments you’ve never known
Break those ill erected walls you’ve fenced yourself in
You can finally let go
Black girl
Breathe a sigh of relief
Black girl
I’ve been sent to restore what’s left
But you must take the first step


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