Morning Comes

It is not that I am afraid of nights alone
I just do not like them
The emptiness of a warm spot to lie next to
The random arm thrown about, pulling close
Rubbing up and across
Peacefully slumbering
Easing away the thoughts of the day in preparation for what’s to come
Frequent twists that turn into something much more
My three am awakening time is when I am most in tune
Fully aware
Curiosity on edge, full of wonder
Ready to roam
It is at three in the morning that I wish to break barriers and coax guttural moans into the night air
Breathing lacking the depth to be considered full therefore the most shallow thing amongst us
Morning rises spilling our dew throughout the room
I am not afraid to sleep alone
It’s just much more fun not to
Not when you can hold me tight through the night
Baby Luther me if even for one night
Because “Heaven Knows”
I “Can’t Be Doin’ This Now”
I’m trying to go “Too Far Down”
And I Know “Love Is On The Way”
So I want to “Hustle”
“Emotion Eyes”
Oh “Lady, Lady”
“Never Let Me Go”
I’d much rather come into the morning with you


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