Dope Beats

I have loved to the point of being afraid to do so
Without rest until the monster in the closet became embedded within my chest
If I’d loved you any harder it would have collapsed my lungs in the process
I was ill you were sicker
I was fresh
You were death
We were dope beats
Like, “When I’m alone in my room sometimes I stare at the wall and in the back of my mind I hear my conscience call”
Weak in the knees like an SWV song
I couldn’t Xscape for enough understanding
Def Jam
Dressed up in Goose Downs and Adidas
You were the track on the line before hearing the beat the first time
Boom box blasting through summer heat on pitch black concrete
If lyrics expired I’d play you on repeat
Wear the record smooth with thoughts of you until the only sound to be heard is the needle against the surface
Purchase multipurpose surplus purple circus purses just to keep you tongue-tied upon my lips
Who gave Bonita Applebum a key to my heart
He art be charged in the court of law
Freedom of speech revoked
Pimp card removed
Just “U.N.I.T.Y
That’s a Unity”
You did not turn me away from love
Just caused me to be more hesitant
You taught me to be slow and deliberate
To walk the first time
Never ignore red signs
Flag on the play, walk away
“You is kind. You is. Smart. You is important. “
But let’s not forget
You is immature. You is reckless. And worst of all, you is disloyal.
There is no honor amongst thieves
Only fair exchange is no robbery
You may have back your fool’s gold
My worth is priceless
Token good thing a man whom finds a wife speaks of
My love abounds in knowledge and discernment
Fervent and withstanding
Because of you
I am now better prepared for love


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