Safe in His Arms

When it is said and done and they ask me where it all came from, I want to lift my eyes to the hills and say, it came from the Lord. My one desire has steadily been to empty myself of every talent God has filled me with. My work is to inspire and heal those I come in contact with using the gifts God has bestowed upon me. He has been my refuge through the storm. My peace when the world was raging all around me. When I had nowhere to turn or didn’t know what to do, he has continued to guide me. He has conquered every one of my enemies and he keeps me from those that intend me no good. If it weren’t from the Lord only heaven knows where I would be. I shall forever be “Safe in His Arms”!

And for the record…. Yes, she performed this within a venue selling alcohol. When the Lord lives within you he goes wherever you are. Again, “The will of God will never take you where the grace of God cannot keep you”.

2 thoughts on “Safe in His Arms

  1. Okay Nykieria… see…you would go and do this to me…smh!

    First: The original song by Milton Brunson & The Thompson Community Singers remains one of my all-time Classic Black gospel favorites

    In fact, Thank You for posting this. I’m about to play the original as soon as i finish with this response. .

    As for Avery Sunshine…

    I stumbled onto Avery in 2010 and I’ve loved her music ever since.

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