Indian Giver 2/30

I take it back
May this moment serve as permanent notice that everything I vowed or sworn is officially null and void
Written intentions spinning a willful dependence
Every beautifully crafted word written on promises never breathed into existence
Independent of the presence of make-believe realities
White picket fences, 2.4 kids, and your puppy
Well thought yearly vacations
Wedding rings, children, and senile futures
My early morning hellos and sweet whispers into nightly dreams
Every affirmation sealed with my tender kisses
Stipulations of sacred word sworn on promissory notes
Guaranteeing commitment without obligation or insurance
Paroling myself to an oath for pawns treasure and token swearing on borrowed pledges
I take it all back
I take back from every soul I have every unjustly tied myself to
My future is no longer bound to moments of weakness I endured with my flesh
I break every soul tie or merging into one flesh I warranted the universe to create
Of my own accord I go full swing into my freedom giving myself liberty to breathe
Liberty to live
Liberty to love and laugh
Carte blanche in the finest form
I am Whitney Houston dancing with somebody to the tune of George Merrill and Shannon Rubicam
The freed bird Marguerite Ann Johnson knew
A sparrow no longer nursing broken wings of an albatross
It is within my power
I am walking in my destiny and I am no longer tied to my past


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