Organic Love 4/30

I came across a writing prompt that challenged me to spend some time looking at the names of heirloom plants, and write a poem that takes its inspiration from, or incorporates the name of, one or more of these garden rarities.

Well…. Here is what I have. Let’s call this Organic Love

Your Black Beauty was like California Wonder dipped in Cherokee Purple
Green Pods and Big Rainbows
Straight Eight on Rutgers
The Burgundy depth of your hazel eyes sent me into Wonder Poles
Kisses like Small Sugar lip locked Black Seeded Simpson like a Country Gentleman
We ran through Connecticut Fields
Corno di Toro
Your Louisiana Long Green left a Trail of Tears inside my Mary Washington
I proudly bear your Heirloom Collection
Charleston Gray your Four Seasons
Bush Dragons Tongue on Southern Giant Curled love notes
My Purple Queen
Red Creole
I call you Lincoln because you free me
Sweet California Wonder
Loving my German Johnson
Our love is Atlantic Giant
Like Red Russian
Early Wonder
Moon and Stars
You have me Brandywine Pink on Crystal Apples
Turkish Orange on Romanesco
Clothed in nothing but Yellow Currant and White Wonder
My Dandelion blooms delicately at your touch
Fantasy spread through Parris Island Cos on Jackson Wonder
I climbed your Purple Podded Pole Cannelino
Got my Tennessee Spinning into a Stupice
Emerald Giants on Oak Leaf like China Rose gone Parisian
My Burpee Jubilee goes Jaune Flamme to your Black Beauty forever and Sweet Marketmore


3 thoughts on “Organic Love 4/30

  1. BRAVO Nykieria…Lol. Well Done!!!

    Btw- You hit upon a few of my favorite umm…things…lol

    …including Black Beauty, Purple, Charelston, Louisiana, Red Creole and Hazel eyes.

    Now tell me how I’m supposed to get back to concentrating on work after thinking about all that?!…..smh.

    As always, Thank you for sharing your gift.

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