Dirty Deeds 6/30

*Disclaimer* I have always refrained from sharing my really erotic works. Well in preparation for some upcoming platforms I’m stepping out of my comfort zone. This is not safe for work lol.

I like my women Oshun thick
Black lace and boy shorts
Knees curls up
Toes barely touching the sheets
Legs spread open
I can taste it from a mile away
Damn near dangerous when we’ve been drinking
Safe words are for girls and we’re grown women
When smoke is in the air her hips be drifting
She drops it low
Slow winding till I’m hypnotized
Deep sea diving between her thighs
She taste like pineapple caramelized
I like to eat it while looking in her eyes
She wanted head so I made sure she came until my name was burned in her brain
Double strapped
I’m giving and she’s taking it
Nails in my back says she ain’t faking it
Fully exposed she’s binding herself to me
Lips pressed tight against mine
Her thoughts explore my mind
Kisses got me fully exposed
Our minds compose dirty poems and love songs
So deep into her she’ll never spent another night alone
She offered me her body but I took her soul
I don’t f**k casually and she’s not into sharing me
No need to pretend when I play for keeps
One taste and she told me to throw away the key


2 thoughts on “Dirty Deeds 6/30

  1. Umm..You did warn that this poem “is NOT safe for work” didn’t you?…Lol.

    Suffice it to say that I did NOT listen…lol. Instead I got up from my desk, walked over to my office door and politely CLOSED IT. Then I proceeded to delve right in. Silly me…..smh!

    So okaaaay. Except for the reference of being “strapped” (not into it) I find this poem to be erotically tasteful (pun intended…lol) and beautifully expressed.

    In other words, Well. Done. again Nykieria.

    Thank you for sharing!

    • These are the poems that make me blush most šŸ™‚ If only you knew. Writing is one thing but sharing or reading in public is something completely different. But thank you for reading and commenting… & i’ll make sure to put a “NSFW” then applicable.

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