49 as the square of 7 is the development of evolutionary stages and their degrees
4 contributing values of worthiness determination and passion while 9 represents endings and conclusions
Finding the courage to defy all odds
Racing towards truth, refusing to settle for skeleton closets
Vibrant red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple
Ending in solitude
Having found some mere moment of peace in the midst of chaos
Safe to say that neither of the 49 perished imagined their last moments coming
Gatherings of lovers and friends
Acquaintances old and new
Vibrating with the music
Celebrating Life
Celebrating Pride
Queer and Straight alike, joined in the moment to just be
To find a moment of refuge in this never-ending madness
The mother that left her children home
The high school graduate that won’t make it to school in the fall
The cruise that was planned and paid for
The singer that won’t make his upcoming show
The mother reading her dead son’s messages
The cell phones and emails that will go unanswered
Fourth of July holiday that will mark the first major holiday “after”
Those injured but left living with guilt
A nation attempting to understand the worst mass shooting in US history
Unimaginable slaughter
For Stanley, Amanda, Oscar, Rodolfo, Antonio, Darryl, Angel, Juan, Luis, Cory, Tevin, Deonka, Simon, Leroy, Mercedez, Peter, Juan Ramon, Paul, Frank, Miguel, Javier, Jason, Eddie, Anthony, Christopher, Alejandro, Brenda, Gilberto, Kimberly, Akyra, Luis, Geraldo, Eric, Joel, Jean, Enrique, Jean C, Xavier, Christopher, Yilmary, Edward, Shane, Martin, Jonathan, Juan P., Luis S., Franky, Luis D, and Jerald
The world mourns your death
We shed tears in your memory
Hold each other up in your honor
Rocking 6 colors proudly singing
“We’re beautiful
No matter what they say
Yes words won’t bring us down
Oh no
We are beautiful
In every single way
Yes words can’t bring us down”
For uninhibited boundless love
Beyond race or religion
Past gender or creed
We will not cower in fear nor hide in closets
We will not be silenced
We will proudly live and love out loud
We will Dance
And Vogue
We will remember
We will remember you
We will never forget
We will always be your Pulse


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