Pulling Away

She said you always pull away when we’re kissing and I simply smiled in reply
When we’re kissing
When we’re kissing I find myself slipping into the dance of her lips pressed against mine
Her tongue exploring my mouth
When she kisses me, rationality and reason exit the room
Everything make-believe becomes true
Like I am a damsel in distress about to be swept off my feet
Dancing in the cloud with unicorns and my little pony’s
“Muppet babies, we make our dreams come true
Muppet babies, we’ll do the same for you”
I’m talking Mickey and Minnie
Bucky and June
Peter and Polly
Donald and Daisy
Yes Scrooge and Glittering
Pete and Trudy Van Tubb
Snow White and The Prince, no need for the seven dwarves
Brudus and Melinda
The heart throbbing Thumper and Miss Bunny
Cinderella and Charming
I be caught up like a string of spaghetti between Lady and Tramp
Seeing dots like Pongo and Perdita
Spotting her in my sleep like Princess Aurora and Phillip
A Belle for every Beast
Flying like Aladdin and Jasmine
Because every world needs a Mufassa and Sarabi, a Simba and Nala
Tiana and Prince Naveen
The list goes one
Because imagination is better than knowledge then thoughts of her kisses feel mystical
Full of awe and fascination
I find myself getting lost in the feeling when she kisses me like that
Like she knows me
Like she know who my people and where I’m from
Like she studied my movements until she knew preciously how to touch me
Like she has my best interest in mind
Like a calm to my chaotic thoughts
Like intentions that may last a very long time
Kisses like you don’t have to worry because it’s going to be ok
Like kisses can say a thousand words
I can’t think straight when she kisses me so I pull away

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