Jazz Me Crazy

Rhythm flowing into awaiting instruments
Stroking softly
Letting go of disappointments
Becoming lost in the next line
Drowning in the shadow
Bobbing heads side to side
We hide worries and bills
Run from heart breaks
In rhythm
Silently tell stories that we can relate to
Bob our head to
Go ahead and feel it
Those rhythms
In Hallucinating
We be black people of black tribes
And on any given moment
We are able to tap within ourselves
And remember the yester years
Of days gone by
Drowned by
So many closed doors
And those fake happy faces
Smiles we live in to get by
Yet on the inside when no one is looking
And the music is speaking to our soul we let go
Let down our walls
Tell our stories to ourselves
And we remember
We let go
And admit
That we are afraid to fail
Afraid to embrace the we that we sometimes be
Secretly have issues with ourselves that we
Take out on our partners
And friends and then act as if it’s them that’s different
All the while knowing that it’s the many different shades of
We that’s inside of us that keeps us bound
To working 9-5’s that we don’t love
Holding secrets that we’re dying to tell
Being afraid of the we that we may become
But the music
Just keeps on
And although life gets complicated
And stress comes
Although giving up seems so easy to do
Just keep holding on
Cause brighter days are sure to come
In the mean time just ride with the music
Do you feel it?
Keeping it real do you feel it?


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