Come child…
Tonight I will not lie
I will not attempt to hide what remains to be the truth
I will not fill you with false promises of people who might change
Tonight I will tell you
Your name is Struggle
And you shall bear witness to the birth and utter destruction of a great nation
You will walk amongst the remains of a land flowing with riches reduced to
Starvation and imitation
You will see the once great and mighty become forgotten
Thus their efforts shall disappear upon the silenced lips of elderly
Rather soon forgotten than admired
Come child
You will birth nations that will be buried between lines
And removed from existence
Your men will be stripped of their dignity
And women ravished
You shall lose count of the tears
That will fall upon your daughters’ cheek
As she too will feel your pain
Her own sons will mock her value
While depleting her of self-worth
Spreading detachment through out your homes
Into the streets your men shall run away from responsibility
And abandon their children
They will begin to believe they can only survive off illegal
Activities and many of them will die before reaching a mature age
Tonight child…
You… Struggle shall witness
the destitution of your most cherished
but worst of all child…
Your sons and daughters shall lose their identity
And forget your name
They will choose not to remember
They will not care
They will silence themselves.


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