Rays of Light

I have tried to measure the absence of your presence in increments that would not leave me obsolete in the process
Attempting to rationalize how talking about everything one day turns into absolutely nothing the next without so much as a text to say you were vexed
I’ve rewound and analyzed every rendezvous to see where I lost sight of the truth
Sought for possibilities that you couldn’t have known just how much I felt for you
Convinced myself that our genuine conversation would repeal any false evidence appearing real so I slowly began to unpeel the sacred parts of me that others had turned to steel
Stealing kisses because every brush against your lips touched my heart in a way that dared to promise forever
Allowed the chemistry of your touch to set my fingers ablaze
Developed a healthy crave for the way you looked at me
I didn’t have to see you in my dreams, you were one
I was ready to run with everyone you had
Then you left me in silence and these silent tears are like sirens because I thought we were developing something timeless
I didn’t realize an end before the beginning was on the horizon


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