City Lights

Country gal went running barefoot into the city like she don’t know dirt roads and city streets ain’t paved the same
like she don’t know nothing bout shattered glass and syringes
She like a mosquito in the thick heat of a southern night drawn to the light of a bug lamp
Even when she feel the sting she can’t tell the difference between left and wrong cause it feels so right
Country gal body thick with Sunday dinners of cornbread and collard greens
Thick like jungle bush never touched by man
Thick like she should enter some places in silence but her country too loud to be quiet
They hear her coming a mile away
Smell that fresh meat
They can taste the juiciness of her naiveté
Country gal fertilized soil jumping head first in the jungle of deceit
She eats up the attention
Basks in the belief that she proving mama and all the rest of them wrong
Her walk is over-confident, never cautious
Country gal you so pretty
Aw, come here sweet thang and let me get a look at ya
A man like me treats a woman like you real good
Country gal, come on out for a spell
Have a good time, take a light drink
Country gal getting loose now
Arch that back, throw them country hips
Here baby, have another sip
Let me light this so you can take a hit
Come on Country gal, all the city women do it
Inhale, ride that coaster
Close your eyes, feel those loops
Open those legs
Spread those thighs
Country gal panties fall
Dirty mattress and rough hands
Arms, legs, and bodies
Darkness and pounding
Maybe 3, no, at least 4 or 5
She too far gone to remember
They drop Country gal on the side of the street like a sack of rotting meat
Nothing like a free meal and them country gals sure are sweet


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