From the moment I saw you it was like God sent me a piece of heaven
Unearthed Sekmet’s tomb and put the ferocity of Nzingha in your eyes
I was hypnotized as your words sent hieroglyphics across my skin
We were more than kindred spirits
Karmic connections crossed oceans and raised mountains
The Dead Sea breathed life the moment you looked at me
Snatched my breath
Intertwined it with yours
And resurrected me with your heartbeat
But you couldn’t belong to me
Your Kemet was embedded within the walls of another’s heart
The more I chiseled the deeper it withdrew
You want to get away but you’re afraid
Don’t have the patience to love again
I just want to free you and be your friend
So like the Children of Israel
I bare this desert just to get to you
It’s been 40 days and 40 nights
My dreams have began to cross into life
I often find myself trying to separate reality from fiction
You’ve become my daily addiction
You’re like my Sinai & Horeb
The mountain of the moon and sun
Respectively, I come respectfully
Lay peace greetings at your feet and wait patiently for you to see me
Cause it’s been such a long long time since I felt this way
I’m amazed by your ways
I’ll be your friend for days
If it means you’ll be my forever
I’ll lose you never
My own Goddess to keep
Even if at a distance
I’m saying, “Disten”
Cause this is serious
Just “Disten”

*Disten – when the distance between speaking and listening merge to the point that you can hear what the other person is thinking.

These are poems from my upcoming book. A lot of them I wrote many years ago but never shared. Some of them I am moved to share now.

p.s. Some of my deepest pieces are love poems.


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