For Kenneka Jenkins

This is a message about friends
Those that are and the ones that only pretend to be so
In a time where you can’t tell friend or foe because
they all monitor your Facebook
Smile in your face while showing the truth in their shade
Wait until you’re vulnerable to knock you off your game
Pat you on the back while disrespecting your name
Say they’ll ride for you with vigor but be the ones to pull the trigger
Live stream your demise but cry at your funeral
Tell you they’ll go hard but never admit it’s against you
Sit at the table knowing they’re the Judas in the crew
You’re Caesar and Brutus is your bestfriend
Your best friend is your enemy in disguise
Keeping you close but you’re none the wiser
There’s a catcher in the rye with his eye on you
A pied piper blowing his fife
You’re rolling with demons that came to claim your life!


3 thoughts on “For Kenneka Jenkins

  1. I’d like to also add……………

    True friendship is rare, indeed. But I have been blessed with a few.

    Recently I lost my 2nd oldest best friend. For over 3 decades we shared a friendship that was True in every sense of the word “friend” ….and I miss her more than words can say.

    May she, and Kenneka Jenkins, Rest in Paradise.

    May they Rest in Peace.

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