I was once asked why one would remain silent after being sexually assaulted or abused
And even as a grown woman I felt my inner child attempting to explain situations she wasn’t old enough to have an understanding of
I learned about my sexuality before my curiosity had the notion to ask questions
Left to heal those torn pieces on white notebook paper filled with black lines on memories that cross the lines of reality and fiction
See silence captures the shame and guilt into something you can live through
Make it easier to digest the pain that was done to you so you can push through
I know all too well what happens when little girls are left in the company of men with misguided intentions
Forever left product damaged
Marked half off on the clearance rack
A battleground of cheap bargain thrills and half off sales
The question is, why do you keep leaving your daughters with them
Same on you for ignoring the truth just as much as them
Better yet, how are we bringing up our children
If you are not talking to your boys then you need to ask yourself what kind of rapist are you raising
How can you hashtag we love our girls when we live in a rape culture
Young girls subjected to vultures that leave her searching for a version of the truth through distortion that heals the hurting
A female body is not an object for a man to plant his penis without permission or through coercion, dry humping , or masturbation
A body that will remember yours long after you’ve forgotten hers
Consent is either yes or no
There is never a such thing as it was “implied”
And just because your friend hit it does not mean go
If she doesn’t say yes then that means no
Just because you’re in doesn’t mean you can’t stop
It doesn’t matter what she’s wearing on the bottom or top
If she shook it fast or dropped it low
Popped a molly, a xanax, or sniffed half a kilo
No is not a negotiation or compromise
No means no means no
Whether she’s too young, incoherent, or scared to verbally speak the words
You sorry good for nothing sucker ass bastard


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