Fertile Ground by Nykieria Chaney


A book of love found and lost. Heartache and heartbreak. Dream chasing and disappointments. Ambition and resolve. Grandmother tales and life lessons. Tributes to those gone too soon and inspiration for those tired of trying to see through.

One is instantly captivated by the various depictions of strength captured on the journey through Fertile Ground. This collection of poems gives us a glimpse into Nykieria’s vulnerability, resilience, and strength. Fertile Ground embodies the complexity of femininity giving a voice to stories frequently experienced but seldom told.

Nykieria does a phenomenal job with creating a piece of literature that covers a cornucopia of issues experienced by women of color and those they encounter. The poems offer a unified conversation to women of all backgrounds, nationalities, and orientations. To truly understand, take your own journey through Fertile Ground.

It is my honor to present this labor of love to you!

Purchase your copy of Fertile Ground here!


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