Fight or Flight 1/30

The fight-or-flight response is a physiological reaction that happens in response to a perceived harmful event or situation
What could be seen as a threat to survival
I have been in flight all my life
Running to, away from, in response or a reaction of…
Since I left home I have been running towards the light
Been rocking and knocking in the midst of prayer cause a present help in times of trouble wasn’t always present
I have been petitioning through partitions asking God to reveal his promises to me
Using my vision to see beyond my sight in search of the light at the end of the tunnel
Picked up a pen and became the hand I needed in times of encouragement
Picked up a pen because it was the only choice between a rock a hard place
Picked up a pen because it was the ram in the bush
Picked up a pen because it’s the one thing that I would do even if I wasn’t paid… and still be happy
I was running in search of something that was more than the nothing that surrounded me
Developed a faith deeper than my obstacles
Told God if nothing else than to use me as a vessel
Changed the perception of my perspective and gave it to Jesus
Took the evidence of things not seen and allowed faith to be the substance of the things I hoped for
Allowed the works of action to show my faith wasn’t dead
Deep dived into the pool of the barren until the only way to birth the seeds inside of me was through Fertile Ground
I am the miracle of a harvest not seen until it is reaping
It is done because he wrote it as such in the beginning, I just had to run far enough to find myself
Stay in pain long enough to lose the distractions
Count down the contractions of my tribulations until nothing was left but to pray until something happened
Been pushing these poems
Pushing these plays
Pushing these books
Pushing this hope
Pushing this faith
Push to served God first….
That’s when he revealed my purpose
That’s when my harvest broke the surface


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