Still Marching For Justice 2/30

On the 4th day of the 4th month of the 40th year of your life
April 4, 1968
Thinking of your decision to join the Poor People’s Campaign
I wonder if you knew…
That some decisions ain’t have to be made
Some choices don’t come back
All ain’t fair in love and war cause human ignorance is rigid with misery when surrounded by hate
On the 4th day of the 4th month of the 40th year of your life
I wonder if you knew when Dolly called she was bearing bad news
Like you said, death of a beloved flattens and dulls everything
Bring them mountains and grand ideas to eye level, snatching away their glow
I wonder how many pieces of your shattered heart you left on the kitchen floor
Wonder if you knew the depression you went in would end with it so securely wound around your neck
If that darkness absent of presence in the middle of a jungle almost smothered you
Snatched the God from your breath and left… nothing
That all you could do was write… so you did so for your life
I wonder if they knew…
when they took our elders
took our leaders
took our people
Just like Malcolm
Just like Martin
Just like Fred
They were better off dead than alive to them
Closed mouths can’t inspire
Can’t lead
Can’t save
Take your savior
Erase your history
Rewrite the books and make it look like slavery was pleasant
Just some peasants paying off a debt they didn’t owe
Just some black boys resisting an arrest never warranted
Just some “covfefe”
Some fake news like the Panthers weren’t out here feeding our people for our good
Like Martin wasn’t out here moving our folks cross them bridges
From Selma to Montgomery
On them seats at Woolworth
Freedom riding them buses to be met with force and destruction
Met with beatings
Just like then
Bloody Sunday can now be any day of the week
Like who needs water hoses when guns are legal
Kill our people on TV in front of a national audience and still get off
Still don’t pay
Still ain’t safe
Still marching on Washington
Still got job equality but not equal pay
Got fair housing but you can’t pay to be safe
We still got the right to fight but a mother can’t save her son’s life
Can’t wear hoods while walking home at night
Can’t protest in peace without being run over or arrested
Dr. Angelou I see you knew that peace had nothing to do with ruffling feathers
That sometimes the greatest agony is what the world attempts to convince you you can’t change
Some chains hide in plain view, they stay open cause the mind is closed
Some windows can’t pour blessings because the soul is missing
We still hungry for them lessons
Still trying to accomplish something we love in the midst of someone else’s hate
Still courageous
Still spitting truth
Still no justice no peace
Still lighting torches of consciousness in young minds
Still fighting
By any means necessary…


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