Forbidden Fruit 3/30

I should have never touched it
I should have never tasted it
Never savored the delicacy of its flavor languishing across my lips
I should have kept my distance
Observed it from afar allowing it to bask in its radiance
But it called me ever so softly
Beckoned my name in whispers only I could hear
Looked into my eyes and stroked my soul
This forbidden fruit wanted me and I eagerly obliged
Sunk into the seclusion of its lair and wanted to stay there all while knowing it was forbidden
All while trying to keep my distance
All while attempting to tune out the sound of it beckoning me
I’m no longer mad at Eve


One thought on “Forbidden Fruit 3/30

  1. Amazing what words can do. This piece just busts me all upside the head and I ain’t mad atcha!

    While I barley avoided getting caught up in a *situation* very similar to what’s expressed in this piece…I was so very angry with -and disappointed in- Myself for having almost gone *there* in the first place.

    Don’t get me wrong. I was Angry with *her* too. But I should have known better. My gut instincts kept telling me, “don’t do it.” But I nearly went there anyway. And i still paid a bit of a price.

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