Burning Leaves in Memory 5/30

I’ll never forget the smell of fresh burning leaves in the fall
Smells like grandma
Like Kiera, if you don’t get outside right now and rake those leaves
I used to put lines in the dirt just to make it look clean
It didn’t even matter that our laundry was hung in the front yard
It WAS clean
Taught me ain’t nothing wrong putting your laundry on display as long as you wash it first
We all got it
Just some of us are more willing to tell the truth than others
Grandma smoked viceroys 100 in the gold pack
Kept her hair and nails red and didn’t give a damn if you liked what she said or not
She ain’t have time to waste teaching me to be soft when the world was going to come at me hard
she’d lay her life on the line if she thought I’d crack with the fall
Grandma taught me how to fly
Taught me how to survive playing rummy 500 and scrabble at the dining room table
A life lesson in every triple word score
Kieria, you got to be strategic
Always check the “Book” to make sure your words are right
The score don’t mean nothing if you cheated
Just because you lose sometimes doesn’t mean the game wasn’t well played, it just wasn’t your turn
I learned how to pray mimicking her praise
Even when she shouted and fell out
Grandma left the taste of nutmeg in my mouth because life can be bitter and you still come out sweet… like potato pie
She’d knock your teeth into the back of your throat if you thought about smacking them and you better not roll your eyes
Disrespect was never tolerated
Taught me that for every wrong there was a right, the outcome relies on your decisions
To allow the tribulations to roll off your finger tips like a ball leaving a bowlers grip
She had the perfect curve for every situation
cause’ she bowled every Monday with the Star league
She was a libra so she taught me to balance scales
Now I do so diligently
Ain’t got no pictures of just her and I together cause we spent our time enjoying the present
Those moments are eternally inscribed inside my mind
Lost her last voicemail and never really got a chance to say goodbye though I was in the room the whole time
Grandma was teaching me even as she died
I’ve been learning all the while
Just didn’t make sense at the time
Just catching up now
Just the smell of them leaves got me smiling now


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