Cornbread Loving 6/30

I can teach you to love through a pan of cornbread dressing
This is the type of lesson that begins the night before
Updated for health reasons
Grab the largest pan you can find
The type that looks like it can hold at least five gallons,
Even if you don’t use all the water it’s better to have than not
Dump your turkey wings, onions, a little salt, and pepper and allow it to slow boil for at least 5 hours
At first glance it appears to be nothing but given time those flavors merge and becomes something
Love be like that at times
Slowing merging into something undeniable
Strain all the ingredients and allow the water to cool
What’s left is the essence of everything you put in
Pour freshly mixed cornbread ingredients into a highly greased cast iron skillet and allow to cook until golden brown at the top and done in the middle
Onion, celery, and green pepper is to be hand chopped, not diced or processed and yes it makes a difference
Some people rush along attempting to take the fast path but the process makes all the difference
No love can withstand a rushed foundation
The time and patience of a steady hand helps you better savor the flavor
Just taste better when it’s appreciated
In a large aluminum bowl, yes it needs to be aluminum simply because granny’s was, combine crumbled cornbread, 3 boiled eggs, seasonings, salt, pepper, onions, celery, and green pepper
Now it might seem strange but you have to add 2 slices crumbled white bread
Everything won’t be apparent in the beginning but it will in the end
Every now and again you have to add a little extra to make that loving stick
Now call upon your ancestors and allow just enough of the essence of your turkey stock to saturate the ingredients
Too much makes it soggy
Too little will have it dry
See no where is it written when to give me of yourself and when you have to finally call it quits but there is a fine line between the two
A line that says I will fight for you but I will not fight you
Will ride for you but not die because of you
The thin line between I can’t love with you but on everything, I can not live without you
You don’t have to guess when to take it out, the aroma will fill the house
The love will saturate your mouth
The same every time but held for special occasions
This is love in cornbread dressing


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